Working on a new game

31 May, 2009 Comments Off

A new game is in the works. This time we are going to tackle “competitive math geeking” The development time was/is quite short. Trung comed up with some pretty nifty code in just under three days! I am knitting around filling holes. Tomorrow is QA time and then release!

First video review

31 May, 2009 Comments Off

Crazy Mike from said some kind words about Need For Cheese. Check out his site. Apart from the crazy logo it’s full of nice and concise reviews. We like him, he’s cool

Need For Cheese 1.1 arrives

22 May, 2009 Comments Off

The rather big news with this update are online highscores. That’s right, now you can submit your scores and compare them with people in your area. Buy now – it’s hot! Ok, so much for the PR talk The high score system is powered by Geocade. This are some great folks to work with. Very [...]

Lite Version is out

17 May, 2009 Comments Off

The fungineers here at Spielhaus have been hard at work to provide a free taste for the epic lil’ game Need For Cheese. The free lite version lacks the more demanding difficulty levels advanced and insane. Other thatn that it provides the full range of awesomeness like the full version. Check it out Need For [...]

Need For Cheese is alive

3 May, 2009 Comments Off

Phew! We did it. Three long weeks of work (after work) and the game is finished. We then had the app for one week in review until it was officially released on the 1st may. It took me one full day to create the trailer. Props to Emmett for allowing us to use his great [...]