Mindracer 1.1 update

27 June, 2009 Comments Off

It’s here. Appart from the usual bug fixes we have added the spanish translation. ¡Qué disrutéis!

New Mindracer record

25 June, 2009 1 comment

This is frickin awesome! A new Mindracer record is set. Matschi a friend of a co-worker managed to finish the race in 46 seconds (easy mode). Beat this internet! UPDATE: Holly cow! It’s 45 seconds now. Let us all bow down in silence and awe.

Mindracer is FREE

19 June, 2009 Comments Off

Well, until the lite version will be released. Check it out: Mindracer

Select older SDKs with the latest Xcode/iPhode SDK version

16 June, 2009 Comments Off

In order to select anything except the newest iPhone OS version one has to access the project prperties and change the Base SDK field.

Trailer for Mindracer done

14 June, 2009 Comments Off

Saturday went by and the trailer is done Hope you like it: Trailer

Mindracer released

10 June, 2009 Comments Off

Allright. Our new game Mindracer is out. I’ts a mathematical racing game. You have to reach the finish line as fast as possible. To move the car there are loads of math problems (randomly generated) to be solved. The 1on1 challenge mode allows two players to play at the same time against each other – [...]

Pending Release

3 June, 2009 Comments Off

Allright. The new game is nearly finished. Good thing we took some extra time for QA. More bugs ironed out. A nice side effect from hardcore testing – I am getting faster at mental arithmetic. Trung too – d***