Tilting at Windmills or iOS Marketing on a Budget

29 January, 2011 2 comments

Introduction This post is about the launch of our latest app Today Voice Notes describing what went well and what didn’t. The Problem As with most apps on the App Store the initial visibility is a big problem. At an incredibly rate of hundreds of new apps per day it is becoming increasingly hard to get [...]

To Sync or not to Sync

22 January, 2011 9 comments

Introduction This post describes the decision-making process about choosing a proper synchronisation system for our todo management tool Today Todo. The Problem Today Todo was released in october 2009. The idea for a small tool that captures the today’s todos was born on a sunday afternoon and after only a few hours Trung had the first [...]

Use that damn wiki because you’ve got issues

15 January, 2011 1 comment

Introduction This third iDevBlogADay post describes the combination of the previously outlined issue tracking and knowledge management that ultimately culminates in the creation of a digital hub for everything iOS related at Spielhaus. The Problem Using specialized tools for specific purposes is a good practice in nearly all situations. However, we humans have a hard [...]

Because you’ve got issues

8 January, 2011 4 comments

This is the second post for iDevBlogADay. In the previous one I hope to have successfully outlined why a knowledge management system built with a wiki is useful for any iOS dev. This time I want to persuade you to think about your issue (or bug) tracking process. The Problem Even if we try, no [...]

Use that damn wiki

1 January, 2011 5 comments

First day in 2011 – the best time to tackle those new year’s resolutions. If you have been struggling with the overflow of information related to your iOS development, this post is for you. For this iDevBlogADay post I want to illustrate how we at Spielhaus handle this overflow of information, or to put it simple [...]