Speech -> Text -> Mac. iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and Mac exclusive!

Dictabulus Dictabulus

Use one of the coolest iPhone 4S features – Apple’s Siri to dictate text and have Dictabulus automatically beam it to your Mac. Instead of writing emails, documents and other tedious text pieces, start the app and tell Siri what you want to write. Dictabulus is the fastest way to transfer your words and paste them into the frontmost window on your Mac computer.
Don’t know what Siri is? Apple introduced with the iPhone 4S a groundbreaking speech pattern recognition feature that understands mostly everything you say and acts accordingly. However this feature is only available on the iPhone and there is no way to transfer the recognized text to your Mac – and that’s where Dictabulus steps in.

Learn more about Siri:


  • Dead simple to use and responsive app
  • No setup, no user account to take care of
  • Supports all languages where Siri is available


Created with love and pride by Chi Trung Tran and Sorin Stefan Nicolin.

Dictabulus needs a little helper tool to run on your Mac. Please download it below:

Download Mac Helper Tool