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Mindracer Mindracer

Mindracer is a mathematical racing game. The goal is to finish the race as fast as possible. This is done by typing in the correct answer for the presented math problems. The game can be played alone against the time or with two players against each other on the same device.


  • Solve always new randomly generated math problems
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Train your arithmetic skills in single player mode
  • Challenge your friends in the two player versus mode on the same device

What critics say

Eli Hodapp from the famous touchArcade.com

Spielhaus’s MindRacer Duel provides quite a bit of personal nostalgia, as you’re forced to solve math problems on one of three difficulty settings to make your car travel down the race track.


Created with love and pride by Chi Trung Tran and Sorin Stefan Nicolin.
2D physics sim. Box2d – http://box2d.org



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