Need For Cheese

All for cheese.

Need For Cheese Need

Need For Cheese is a sweet little iPhone/iPod Touch game about a mouse addicted to cheese. Check out the elaborate epic story below.


  • Fun and darn addictive gameplay
  • Online high scores. Compare you scores with people in your area
  • Easy to pick up controls – just tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch to move the mouse
  • Autosave – the game can be interrupted at any time. The progress is saved
  • Sweet sound effects and sound track

What the critics say

Crazy Mike from

It’s pretty cool, definitely different.

Jeremy Horwitz from

Need For Cheese is incredibly simple but surprisingly amusing.

Elaborate epic story

Aeons ago as the universe was still young and pure an epic battle raged so intense that its mere echo from the depths of the space sparked the creation of this very world like we know it. The nefarious cat kind (the Felinarians) forged a plan so evil and twisted to enslave all life that even the thought of it was able to drive the weak minded insane. The peaceful titans (the cows) bore milk to feed Albigana, the wellspring of life. After stealing milk from the cows the Felinarians filtered and destilated it through their twisted machines in a horrid process called “fermentation”. The outcome named “cheese” ought to be the single most powerful drug ever created. Blinded by it’s unholy seductive taste and alluring smell simple life forms fell victim and prey to the increasingly powerful Felinarians. Ages went by and the universe darkened and filled with grief while agony and sorrow marked the fate of countless planets.

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And then, in a flash of pure energy, from the depths and hopes of numberless prayers of the enslaved ones emerged the Mouse. Immaculate white and small in appereance yet fast witted and surrounded by a luminous ray of light the Mouse declared war on the Felinarians and their loathsome cheese. Even through its mere presence and the overexposure to pure awesomeness, cheese lost its wicked effect when touched by the Mouse.
Many years went by and the Mouse fought battle after battle in the name of freedom. Outraged and concerned about how one single fighter can cause so much damage, king Fuzzball Steelhide – leader of the Felinarians – sent his best cat soldiers to hunt the Mouse down. However unable to do so, the elite soldiers returned. Ashamed of their failure the cat soldiers swore to never speak again. And the cats lost their voice. Lead by madness king Fuzzball plotted a sinister plan to rid his world of the Mouse. Exploiting many bright minds of his enslaved people he forced the creation of an extremely poisonous radioactive substance. Armed with radioactive syringes the cat army left once more to strike the lone warrior.
But since fate has a capricous nature and an odd sense of humour, it happened that king Fuzball single handed granted his greatest adversary even more power. Instead of poisoning the Mouse, the radioactive substance temporally turned it into a green cat devouring monster being able to savagely slay the unprepared cat army.
We now tune-in, dear reader, at the tipping point of the disturbing events as the massive battle between the Mouse and the Felinarian Empire unfolds on a simple checkered picnic rug.
May the might of the Mouse empower you to bear the burden of being the only hope of freedom – for the entire universe…


Created with love and pride by Chi Trung Tran and Sorin Stefan Nicolin.
Music by Emmett Cooke –
2D physics sim. Box2d –