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Timr Timr

Why bother about memorizing the cooking time for your favourite dish or the time until your favourite tea is ready when your iPhone/iPod can?


  • Several useful preset timers
  • Two or more timers may run simultaneously
  • Set up your own alarm times in hours , minutes and seco nds
  • Choose an image from your library as timer icon (or take a snapshot with your iPhone camera)
  • Support of accelerometer (shake the device to stop a ringing timer)
  • Timr continues to w ork (and also rings!) even when the iPhone/iPod is locked

Timr provides you with a bunch of useful timers: for different types of tea, several dishes or with the ideal time to brush your teeth every morning. Start as many timers as you wish. As a matter of course you may add new timers or change existing ones. You will not have to read pages and pages of instructions as the interface is very self-explanatory. Useful features such as double-tapping a timer to start it or shaking the device to stop a ringing timer, make the application even easier to use. You can set up alarm time in hours, minutes and seconds. The timers don’t stop even when the iPhone/iPod is locked. If you end the application by tapping on the home button, the running timers will be saved and the timing will continue after restarting Timr.


Created with love and pride by Chi Trung Tran and Sorin Stefan Nicolin.


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