AppStore Keywords FTW!

Posted on 29 July, 2009

If you feel lost in Apple’s iPhone software distribution platform – the AppStore – then you are not alone. Looking for the right app for your iPhone sometimes feels like searching the needle in the haystack. The Appstore app on the iPhone doesen’t allow to finetune the search parameters.

To somehow alleviate this problem Apple now allows the developers to assign keywords to their apps. This will influence the search, which for many is the only way to reach their customers (except those of course who are lucky enough to be featured by Apple). Keywords are set in iTunes Connect. Under “Manage your Apps” -> “Edit Information”. But beware, the input seems to be b0rken for now. Once saved the input field can not be edited any more. There are only 100 characters (sepparated by commas) available.

Let’s hope the keyword stuff won’t be overly abused…

Of course we have updated our apps :)

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