Tell Me Cow Bird – What Went Wrong?

7 August, 2012 4 comments

It has been almost a year since the last blog post. Most of the time we were working on our own apps, a few client jobs as well as on our latest game Cow Bird. But something went wrong, terribly terribly wrong. Cow Bird was a complete and utter failure. Months of hard work and a [...]

You Should Consider Unity 3

16 October, 2011 3 comments

Introduction As a long time iDevBlogADay reader (and writer) I noticed that most game programming related posts revolve around Cocos2D. This comes at no surprise since indie game devs prefer simpler 2D games and Cocos2D is the perfect fit. However, there is another strong contender available – Unity 3, although a 3D gaming creation tool, [...]

Managing Knowledge and Collaboration – Like A Boss

18 September, 2011 Comments Off

Introduction It is my turn again to write for my favourite iOS dev blog ring – iDevblogaday. Looking at our last post that is a month old and didn’t even relate to iOS development (the one before was from April) – you can be sure that much has happened since at Spielhaus. I will write [...]

Gamescom 2011 Impressions

22 August, 2011 Comments Off

I visited the worlds largest (?) gaming fair gamescom in Cologne/Germany. Here are my impressions: Big, Loud and Hollow As usual the big names of the industry gather to woo for the attention of the masses. This is not new. However it was new to me how little things changed compared to last year. Sony, [...]

Spring Cleaning

20 April, 2011 Comments Off

Spring has finally arrived (at least here in Germany). What better time to clean-up Today Todo’s interface a bit. For our 25th Update (Version, Trung came up with a nicer and cleaner design for the main UI. For the curious – here are the differences (old look on the left and new on the [...]

It’s a Big One – Confluence 3.5

17 March, 2011 Comments Off

Introduction You can tell by now that I am a big fan of Atlassian’s wiki software Confluence. It turns out that a wiki is a valuable addition to our iOS business. The next iteration is upon us and this update seems to be a big one. Here are the highlights that I predict to be very [...]

Live Tracking for iOS Sales

12 March, 2011 Comments Off

In this week’s post I will detail an idea for a small tool that tracks iOS sales as they happen. We are about to build such a tool and toyed with the idea to turn it into a service for other developers.

Tiny Wings – Huge Success

26 February, 2011 3 comments

Introduction With all these AAA titles coming out for the iOS platform (and elsewhere) there are still some games who pop out of nowhere and climb the charts in no time as if there is nothing easier in the world to accomplish. I have a theory about what makes these games special and I want [...]

Managing Feature Requests for iOS Apps

19 February, 2011 Comments Off

Introduction This week I’d like to show you how we manage feature requests for our apps with Jira. If you want to know why Jira is great, see my last post. The Problem Feedback is one of the most valuable things your users can offer you (after paying for your app of course). There is now [...]

It’s so Hot in Here

12 February, 2011 Comments Off

Introduction As an iOS developer (and a tech nerd as per definition) you want to keep tabs on what’s going on in the tech world. Many of you surely have a list of preferred tech news sites you follow. In today’s post I want to show you a nifty tool that solves the problem of [...]