Editing PDF files…

Posted on 10 August, 2009

So I just wanted to register our app Timr for a competition on the Apps & Co magazine. Just fill out a pdf form and that’s it..

Turns out that editing pdf files with onboard Mac tools is a no go. Here is my workflow so far:

1. Download Skim and open the pdf file.

2. Open it’s preferences, klick on “Notes” in the tab bar and set the color to white and line width to 0


3. Add text notes and fill your values in for the formular fields


4. Print the file and “Save as PDF”

5. Download Formulate Pro open the new pdf file and select File -> Place Image. I had to do this because the formular needed to be signed. So I signed on a piece of paper, snapped a shot with Photo Booth and edited the snapshot with Pixelmator. Obviously you’d use your image editor of choice here – if you need to.

That’s it. Phew! Wasn’t exactly the Mac way but worked nontheless.

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