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Posted on 31 Dezember, 2009


Dan Grigsby at Mobile Orchard is member of the nominating committee for the 148AppsBest App Ever” contest. He asks iPhone devs to pitch their apps that haven’t got much marketing love for a chance to be nominated. As a long-time reader (and recent donor) I thought this blog post might fit the purpose and provide a status update for our latest app Today Todo Pro.

So Today has been out for three months now and it’s time for a status update. We have started with a quirky idea that quickly became a pretty unusual task management app. Unsual in a good way since it broke with some already established (and to be honest quite boring) usage patterns of common todo management apps. Our intent was to minimize clutter yet without loosing core features. Today’s main selling point is it’s navigation. The user interacts with the background graphics to move through the app. Sliding the sun to switch the main view has proven to be both fun to use and easy to grasp. One of the strict policies we follow (allright, it’s my strict policy and I am annoying the heck out of poor Trung with it – Trung is the other half of Spielhaus – the true coding mastermind) is “No more buttons!”. Today’s abbility to save a new task with 1-2 taps (one tap more if you want to specify a future date) just by turning the device 90° seems to have won the hearts of many folks.
So how is Today doing so far? Well, it was very well received. As I am not very comfortable complimenting our own work, I would like to let others step up to this task. Here follows a small excerpt of (unbiased and honest) reviews from the App Store:

★★★★★ A very iPhone-like app! Beautiful, simple, intuitive and fast. I love just tilting the device and entering my task. One thing I hate about other-4-5 taps to enter a task is unacceptable. With this app, it’s perfect!!! What a way to innovate! And this app is really simple, not like other ones that claim to be, but are just a pain to use. A+++ guys! Date format is now in your local time. Update: the new task ordering feature is something I wanted, but they implemented. So so awesome!

★★★★★ Congratulations to us and thanks to Spielhaus for such an intuitive task app that is FUN to use.  Life is hard enough without boring apps.  I like tilting the screen to get a new screen.  You can set a task for a future date, too.  I thought I read a review that indicated otherwise.  I bought this because so many users say Spielhaus listens.  Yay.

★★★★★ I love it!  Thank you for the new features!  30 days worth of planning. Great job!  The developer does an excellent job of listening and responding to feedback!

We have 24 reviews (most of them five or four stars and a single one star) so far. However with roughly 10 units sold per day and virtually no marketing efforts it doesn’t make a very deep dent in our achievement bar. Yet Today arrived at version 1.4.1 and we are nowhere near to dropping it’s further development.

What is comming next?

Just a few keywords to get you people hooked :)

  • Lists and sub-tasks
  • Built-in web server
  • iCal sync
  • Push
  • Mail export/import
  • More translations (Spanish is up next – curtesy of my lady)

That is it for now. Let’s hope you have as much fun with Today as we have with it’s development. And rest assured that it will continue to improve for a long time since we are too avid Today power users and nothing is more satisfying than playing with your own toy – right?

More infos: Today Todo Pro
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