Tomorrow rocks

Posted on 10 Dezember, 2009

Big change is comming up for Today Todo Pro.

One of the most requested features (even from Trung) was the ability to enter feature tasks. We didn’t want to change the simplicity and elegance of Today too much yet still add this cool feature. A third view (appart from today and yesterday) was needed. Guess how it’s called :)

After many debates we decided to slightly change the behaviour of the sun. The sun now acts as the slider that switches the views from yesterday to today to tomorrow.


When moved to the left it drags the Tomorrow view into place. We have chosen the spacey theme for tomorrw as a metaphor for the future (like astronomy is somehow connected to foretelling).


The hardest part however was to come up with an unobtrusive way to select a future date while entering tasks. As I am quite strict about my “few buttons” policy altering the existing interface was a pain in the a.. brain :)


The little clock shaped button hides the keyboard and reveals the date picker. We decided to not build the default calender with it’s month view since the place under the keyboard is quite limited. The new calendar can be scrolled to the left/right.


The entered feature tasks are sorted chronological much like in the yesterday view.


Right now the new version is in the hardcore testing phase and should be submitted to Apple at the end of the week. Tomorrow already won my heart and I honestly don’t know why we havent implemented it before.

Hope you will like it!

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