Today Todo Pro Release

Today - Todo app

Today – The New Todo Management Tool for iPhone and iPod Touch

18. September 2009

The fifth app from Spielhaus is available since September 19. The developper Chi Trung Tran and Stefan Sorin Nicolin especially aimed at creating a tool with high usability that manages your tasks for the acutal day. Unlike other existing mostly complex todo management tools, Today characterises its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The interface scarcely contains any buttons using the device’s controls to a high extent. In order to add a new todo the user just has to turn the device 90 degrees. Todos of past days are listed in a second list and may be reactivated any time. The app has been released in German and English and is available for an introductory price (EUR 0.79 or USD 0.99).

Spielhaus has been founded in 2009 by Chi Trung Tran and Stefan Sorin Nicolin. Both studied computer science at the university for applied sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany until 2009. Today, they work fulltime as programmer and system administrator. Following the motto “fun follows you” Spielhaus aims at developping games and tools for iPhone and iPod Touch that are fun to use – namely because of their intuitive interfaces. So far Spielhaus has released the following apps: Timr (timer), Need for Cheese (game), Mind Racer (game).

Stefan Sorin Nicolin

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